I have heard this question quite a lot lately — “If you can tag people on Facebook, why can’t you do that on Instagram?” It actually makes plenty of sense, doesn’t it? Well, it all depends on who you ask. But thankfully, they finally just added this cool new feature into their latest and greatest mobile phone version (v 3.5). It took more than a year though (after Facebook acquired the popular photo-sharing platform). Still, we are always continually looking for any new and interesting updates, and this one, which you can now download both for iOS and Android apps, is definitely a top priority. Why, you are asking? Because it adds an option that will let you tag friends, brands or any other people for this matter, into your day-to-day digital photos. In addition, there’s a new Photos of You tab, added to a user profile page, where you can see all photos on Instagram that you’re tagged in. Clearly you can preview tags before they get to be published and shared, but there’s a way to make it happen automatically, as well. Finally, the company has posted a new video that explains some simple facts about this latest neat update.

[vimeo id=”65246801″]


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