For a start, we’d like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the readers who washed themselves in the Pine Trail rain we’ve been pouring over their heads lately. At this point, it’s just hard to ignore the flow of devices that sprout out with Intel’s new platform planted deep in their bowels – and looking at the growing list, it ain’t going to stop. And if you’ve been asking yourself where exactly is MSI in that Atom N450 flood, you’re only few words from getting the dope – as the Chinese corp announces its decent representant, a 10.1-inch Wind U160 netbook, that carries an MSI chop. It suppose to make a debut at the CES, in January, with that same Pine View processor we just mentioned and a good looking lid on top – I mean seriously, where did they take that stunning hinge from, Sony Vaio or what? In any case, the company claims for a 10 hours battery and a $350 starting price, when this thing goes live – so lets hope.

Update1: We’ve added the hands-on video, taken out of the CES show, courtesy of engadget. As you can see, the Wind U160 comes with a Windows 7 Starter edition which handles a 250GB hard drive, 6-cell battery, a chicklet keyboard and 1GB of RAM – all priced for $399. Sony Vaio, watch behind you.

Update2: And looks like MSI’s Wind U160 netbook is up on sale at Newegg and Buy.com for $380, with Atom N450 inside and 14 hours of claimed battery life.

[via engadget]

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