Nexus 7 3G Android Tablet Now For sale at $299

The Nexus 7 is already a big hit all over the globe, and it’s barely out of the factory doors. With top-notch specs (such as 1GB of RAM, a beautiful 7-inch display, NFC, GPS, Android Jelly Bean for the OS, a front 1.2MP camera, plus a Tegra 3 processor on board) and affordable $200 price point, the decision of buying this tablet is perhaps the easiest one to make, for so many people, both techy and non. Until now, the Nexus 7 was a WiFi-only device, as many of us with basic challenges prefer it. Today, however, the search engine giant is adding a 3G compatibility to practically all carriers across the US pond (and for use with GSM carries around the world), as the mobile data version will from now on be available with SIM unlocked form. The new Nexus flavor is offered in a 32GB storage capacity only, and it comes priced at $299, or about $50 more than the regular Seven slate is. Click through the link to read the original Google source.

 [Google Play]

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