Job hunting is not an easy task for any job seeker. Sometimes in order to get a desirable job you have to try very hard, especially in a tough economy like today. So what do you do to find your next gig? In most cases you will have to spend a good part of your morning browsing through a bunch of job portals online and via newspapers, or alternatively subscribe to receive them by e-mail and fax.

Using social media networks to find a new job requires more than passive use. According to a Linkedin survey 72% of job seekers view company pages for career opportunities while 64% browse for them on the company social media pages.

And while success of the web is evident through its dominance, the importance of mobile devices seems to be gradually taking over. In that regard, 7 out of 10 people search for jobs on their mobile devices with the numbers increasing substantially and steadily in the next two years.

Here’s some more details about this growing phenomenon, curated by the staff.com editorial team.

What is your Mobile Recruitment Strategy? Infographic | Staff.com
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