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The Top Tech Billionaires In The World In 2016


For many companies, 2016 has been a riotous year. However, billionaires involved in the tech industry continue to be amongst the world’s richest people. From social media to computer technology, internet security to streaming services, the developments in tech continue to dominate the market. The world famous finance magazine Forbes Magazine recently accumulated a list of the top 100 richest individuals in tech. In fact, the tech industry is so successful that the minimum net worth on the top 100 list is $2.2 billion. If you were to combine the wealth of these tech individuals, it accumulates to over $892 billion.

Using Forbes findings, ERS created this brilliant infographic below. It features the top ten tech billionaires in the world. It reveals their current occupation, their tech achievements, estimated fortune and inspiring quotes. Although these tech entrepreneurs are in different sectors within the tech industry, they do share some commonalities. For starters, there are all based in either China or America. Secondly, they are all men and lastly, they are all heads of major tech companies. The infographic reveals a fascinating fact: out of the 51 billionaires living in the United States, 37 of them live in California. So who will take the top spot? For all the answers, let’s check out the infographic now!

Did you like the infographic? Which of these tech billionaires do you think is the most influential? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below!


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