I’m sure you all have already asked yourselves where do blog post ideas come from.

Are they simply read off to us by some mysterious all-powerful being that has a list on hand? If that were true, then there could only be so many ideas before we run out.

There are thousands of blog ideas out there, but you don’t want someone to spoon feed your posts, no, you want inspiration!

Haven’t started your own blog yet? No worries! It’s never too late to start a blog.

If you already have one then we need to start thinking ahead, because we’re in this for the long run! We’ve compiled a long inspirational, multi-faceted, mind-blowing ideas that will make your blog extremely popular.

I’ve Already Used All These Blog Post Ideas. How Do I Find More?

Are you serious? You’ve done all of these? Wow, okay, well then I suppose it’s time to take off the training wheels and show you how to find new ideas yourself. As the saying goes, teach someone to fish and they’ll never go hungry. I’ve given you over 151 fish though, so apparently this is a all-you-can-eat fish buffet of ideas.

When you need inspiration and you’ve exhausted all of the ideas here, use these tools and methods to find more:

1. Quora

This website is a great place to have any kind of question you can think of answered. That means it’s a great place to also find inspiration for blog posts, or simply ideas on how to come up with them. You can log in with your social media or create a free account. Once you’re in, try to look for something like “blog post ideas”and see the results.

2. BuzzSumo 

This tool gives you the unique ability to see which of your competition’s posts are doing the best in terms of social shares. By looking at data like this, you can see what people in your niche want to read. 

buzzsumo post ideas






Those ideas with a bunch of shares will work as great concepts for posts of your own!

3. Keyword Research 

There are numerous tools out there for keyword research. One such example is Keywordtool.io, which is one of the best in my opinion. Head on over there and type in your subject or niche to get a list of keywords that will easily inspire post ideas.


Right there, I’ve already found some key terms I can use to find more ideas. This is the gift that keeps on giving.  Now, on to the list!

4. Impact Inbound’s Blog Title Generator

I’ve been using this nifty tool for a few weeks now and it’s helped me take a few broad topics and transformed them into concrete blog post ideas.

Plug in the topics you want to write about, you can literally pick anything, and it will spit out a headline that you can use to help spark some ideas. Customize the headline to your liking and save it to the handy notebook they provide.

When you have an idea of what your blog post headline is going to be, then you’ll be able let the words free flow and body of your blog post will be filled in effortlessly!

Now, let’s get to some physical blog topic ideas I’ve come up for you.

Post Ideas That Will Help Increase Traffic to Your Blog

You’re interesting, write posts about yourself!

Blogs were originally online journals, so why not go back to the roots of the whole equation? Create a personal journal, talk about your crush and then invite them to read it for ultimate awkwardness. Share your thoughts, speak your mind, it’s your soapbox, so use it!

1. Start a contest

You don’t have to give away a million dollars or anything, but why not give out some hats or a custom shirt?

People love the opportunity to win stuff, and if you make it fun and exciting, your incoming traffic will skyrocket!

2. Tell a secret about yourself

While this may not be easy, people love secrets. What’s something you’ve never told anyone before? What quiet truth are you hiding from the world?

Make a whole post about it, bring in some pomp and circumstance. Build up to the reveal and make your secret known to the world (If you secret is that you love to blog, maybe skip this one).

3. Examine a quote that speaks to you

Find something that somebody said that gives you chills. Something that changed your outlook on life and the universe, and share it with the world.

Start your post with the quote and talk about what did to you, and what it means to you. Here’s a good one: “roses are red, violets are blue, I love to blog, and I’m sure you do too.” – The guy who wrote this post.

4. Try something new, then blog about it

Ever eaten a bug? How does skydiving sound? Find something ridiculous and crazy that you’ve never done before and, like Nike always says: do it.

When you’re done and you’ve let it settle in, tell us the whole story.

Blogging Ideas + Tips

5. Graph a statistic or create an infographic to start a discussion

Did you know that 70% of modern day people will always stop and look at a pie chart?

Did you know that 80% of them go and eat pie within ten minutes after viewing one?

What about the fact that I just made this all up? People like to see data mapped out in creative ways, so put together a well-designed infographic and teach the world with fancy shapes, cool font, and pretty colors.

6. Interview a famous person, your grandma, whoever you want.

If you posted an interview with someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, you would probably get a million hits.

Unless you know them though, that could be difficult, and you don’t want to sacrifice your journalistic integrity by making something up, so get creative? Is your great grandfather a war hero?

Did your grandmother meet the president or the queen of England? Everyone has stories to tell, all you need to do is ask, and you’ll find some great material to interview them about.

7. Create new recipes and share them with your followers

I’m not sure how I feel about your pickle and cotton candy sandwich, or your candy cane shish kabobs, but I’m opening to trying them, I guess? If you have a cooking blog, create some awesome new recipes and post them for other people to try. Just make you try it yourself before recommending it to your followers.

8. Create an in-depth guide

Share your skills with a fancy guide that teaches a valuable skill. For example, I wrote a fully comprehensive guide on how to start a blog.

Teach people valuable skills around survival, repair, arts and crafts, whatever blog post idea strikes you.

9. Do a “top ten” list

Since this is number ten, I figured it was a good time to mention this. Create posts where you rank the “top ten” of something.

Examples include “The Top Ten Blog Ideas” and “The Top Ten Blogging Websites.” You can put us at the top of both lists and go from there.

10. Travel the world, post as you go

Take a trip around the world and post pictures and updates as you make each stop. You can even sample the local cuisine or review your accommodations.

San Francisco

11. Stir the pot, bring up an old argument

Bringing up an age old argument and opening an old wound is a great way to get people talking, or yelling for that matter.

You may bring out some passionate individuals, but if one thing’s for certain, this blogging idea is sure to get the traffic flowing.

12. Respond to recent events 

Major events will always bring about a response, but you would weigh in with your own opinion.

If the president made a bad decision, or a major corporation is in hot water, or heck, if a celebrity got a nose job, you should tell the world what you think of it. Every opinion counts, and you can have your followers share too.

13. Write a joke

Since you’re looking for things to blog about, why not create a joke? It can be something simple and catchy, or one of those long ones that comes together in the end with a hilarious punchline.

Even if it’s as simple as this one: “What do you call a cow with no legs?” “Ground beef!” Ah, that’s a classic.

14. Create a poll 

People like to be heard, and they love voting on polls to see what the popular opinion is on a subject. Find something relevant that has multiple approaches and see what people like the best. Asking for their favorite color isn’t good enough, make it creative and relevant to your niche.

15. Share your goals and dreams

Do you want to be an astronaut? Is your dream to be air lifted above a giant blueberry pie and skydiving into it from a thousand feet up? Tell us your wildest goals and dreams, and you never know, someone might be able to make it happen for you.

16. Talk about your life’s successes and utter failures 

We all have ups and downs in our lives, but that’s how we learn. Create posts about the times you really pulled through in a tough spot, and then tell us about the times you fell face first into the proverbial manure.

These things define you, so share them with us.

17. Share your own conspiracy theories

Are postmen really aliens? Who is the milkman, really? Why are all grocery stores slightly different in their layout? Post your conspiracy theories about aliens, gerbils, paper clips, or whatever you think might be a cover for something far more sinister.

You never know, you might be spot on. Just keep an eye out for mysterious black vans outside your house.

18. Encourage your followers to share your blog

Create posts that people will want to share, but more than that, appeal to your followers and ask them to share your blog on their own, or promote it on their Facebook page and Twitter.

These things spread through sharing and word of mouth which is all done on the internet nowadays.

#19 Disprove a theory or myth

If you’ve seen every episode of Myth Busters and you know for a fact that they left out something, that’s a perfect blog post topic! For example, everybody in cartoons slips on banana peels, but would you really slip in real life?

Test it out, blog about it, prove those theories and myths wrong.


20. Publish comments from your followers

If someone wrote a comments on one of your posts that said “OMG UR T3H BEST” maybe you should showcase it and speculate as to why there is a “3” where the letter “e” should be.

Even if someone just comes by to bash you for no reason, why not have a laugh at their expense?

21. Invite guest posts 

A great way to keep content coming is to feature guest authors on your blog. Be sure to lay down some guidelines though, and review their topic and work before you post it though.

You can find some great bloggers out there to share their thoughts on your blog, so create a post inviting people to submit their ideas. You get more content, they get features. It’s a win-win.

22. Pose an existential question

Are there truly a finite number of blogging ideas in the world? What is the true definition of a carbon footprint? Are we really here for a bigger purpose?

There are so many questions like these that don’t have a solid answer that you could write posts about these for a long time and still only scratch the surface. You’re welcome.

23. Create a memorial for someone/something you lost

It hurts to lose something you love be it a faithful dog or a family member, but they don’t have to be forgotten.

You can write a touching memorial for them and let their memory live on not just in your mind, but in the minds of everyone who reads your blog.

24. Pick a date in history, talk about what happened on that day

Title the post with a random date in history, maybe the day that sliced bread was invented, and talk about all the things that happened that day.

You’ll be surprised how much can happen on a random day in history.

25. Reveal secrets behind your blog’s success and marketing

Help out your fellow bloggers by giving out the ingredients to your secret sauce. It may seem odd to do such a thing, but if it works, then giving it out to help others isn’t going to change that.

When it comes to blogging, everyone is in it together. That it, until money becomes involved, then it’s every man and woman for themselves.

26. Show off your personal possessions

This may seem like an arrogant thing to do, but as far as interesting blog topics go, this ranks pretty high.

Turns out, people like peeking into your life and seeing that you’ve got. Is this a scented candle I see? My, are those hand painted dishes of yours from IKEA? I see you have your bachelor’s degree hanging on the wall next to you so you never forget how smart you are.

Pictures are great in general, but having them in a blog post about your stuff is a great way to show people who you are, and makes for some great blogging material.

Mac and Glasses

27. Share the best lessons you’ve learned thus far in your life

Life is a constant cycle of mistakes and lessons, so maybe you can help out some younger or less experienced people and help them avoid a few pitfalls that you had to go through.

Case and point, sharing the things you’ve learned in life is a great way to generate some good content and help out a fellow person.

28. Create an intricate lie and make it obvious what you’re doing

Pick a truth that everyone knows and challenge it. Or, make up something ridiculous and defend it to the last word of your post.

Crafting an intricate lie and really trying to sell it is one of those good blog ideas that can either make people laugh, or set the comments ablaze with people trying to disprove your lie. Either way, it brings the traffic.

29. Talk about your dream vacation

When it comes to personal blog ideas, this is a great way to showcase your imagination. Create post where you describe your perfect vacation. It doesn’t have to be anywhere on Earth either, maybe you can describe a dip in the oceans of Neptune, or a space trip to the center of the galaxy. You can always do more than one of these too.

30. Publish your resume and experience on your blog

Putting up your resume and a CV is a smart blog post idea that will not only give you some content, but it makes your skills publicly available for potential employers or other blogs to see.

This way you can show a little more about yourself and maybe open up a nice opportunity at the same time.

31. Tell the world about your bad habits, and how you plan to break them

If you smoke too much, hit the bottle too hard, or you just bite your nails a lot, tell us about it. Then, tell us how you plan to fix it.

You can even post about it each day to show your progress and ask you fans for encouragement.

32. Publish a full biography about yourself 

The first line should be the date of your birth and the last should be the present. Tell us your life’s story despite the fact that people usually decline to listen, your followers come to your blog to hear about you, so tell them everything there is to know.

This may need to be structured though, not a single post. Not to worry though, our how to blog articles will show you the best ways to present it.

33. Show off your monthly budget, offer financial advice

We may have given you this blogging idea, but you’ll have to decide if you want to write it.

Obviously you don’t want to divulge anything too personal like bank statements, but you can offer financial advice and examples of your budget when you go to the store, that way people can create spending habits like yours.

34. Post or create Linkbait 

Linkbait is increasingly popular, but using them comes down to finding the right mixture of written and visual content.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but the goal is to create something people want to link to and share with others. The best blog topics find their success through this spread of shared links.

35. Feature your most popular posts

If a blog post idea worked once, it will work again. Find your most successful posts and throw them back up again for an encore. You will be surprised how many new viewers will see it, and some of the ones from last time will probably return again as well.

36. If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?

Posing questions like this are good because they don’t have a single answer. This is something you can tackle multiple times as you mature and grow.

For example say you answer this question in a post before you’re married and then you answer it again after. The two posts are going to be drastically different.

37. Write some posts in a casual, conversational style

If you tend to write in a boring, stiff style, then switch things up every once and a while. Write a few posts where you’re just talking.

Nothing too fancy, no SAT words, just a nice conversational post that keeps the tone light. It will be a breath of fresh air for you, and your readers.

Productivity Ideas

38. Post the elements of your portfolio

If you’re a writer or a poet, put your work up.

That’s why you get a blog to begin with, to showcase yourself and your topic. Exposure is key and your talents need to be viewed by the world. This is the first step.

39. Teach people to protect their blogs from hackers

There are various ways to keep your blog secure, but many of them sound complicated and none of them piece together all of the possibilities.

That’s where you come in, you can explain the steps in a way that anyone can understand, and in doing so you will help them protect their hard work from people out there who just want to make everyone’s lives harder.

#40 Ask for feedback from your followers

Feedback is the best way to grow, and your followers may be hesitant to give you any, so ask them.

Create posts on occasion where you ask your followers to express their thoughts on your blog and offer suggestions on how it can improve.

41. Summarize other people’s posts, books, or ideas

Some people just don’t have the time or patience to read a whole book or an entire lengthy article, so boil it down and post it yourself, giving credit where credit is due of course. This way, people can still find the content they’re looking for, without having to spend time reading the entire thing.

42. Create a list of common mistakes in your niche

You know everything about your blog topic, but you see people doing everything wrong around you. Why not post about common mistakes that other people make in that niche and offer advice to those who are unaware of what they’re doing wrong.

43. Write and publish a manifesto

Giving away something lengthy for free may not seem like a good idea, but this is a fantastic blog idea that will grant you some serious viewership if it works out the first time. It needs to be somewhat lengthy and it needs to offer a lot of value to the reader. A good cover design will make it stand out as well.

44. Feature specific followers and dedicate posts to them 

Showing appreciation to your fans is paramount. Take some time to feature a guest blogger, or showcase a specific follower. They will appreciate it, and they’ll probably share it as well.

45. Walk away for a week, make people think you disappeared

This is risky, but apparently it has worked in the past. Take a week off, walk-away, maybe hint at something big happening and then take a week off. Rumors will circulating, people will start asking questions, and the air will be buzzing by the time you make your triumphant return.

46. Invite questions, post your answers

To create engagement with your followers, try posting some questions about anything relating to your blog topic or niche.

Once you’ve gathered up some answers, create a subsequent post and see what people had to say. This works for generating content, and it helps keep followers coming back.

47. Write a series of posts

If you start something and you know it’s going to be long. Break it up into a series of posts.

This will help keep the reading level light for people online who have very small attention spans, and you’ll also have several posts worth of content to put up.

48. Publish a short story or poem

A story or poem is meant to be seen, so put it out there and don’t be afraid of what people might say. You’re going to get good feedback, and you’re going to get jerks who can’t properly form a sentence. Still, stuff like that isn’t meant to sit on a hard drive forever.

49. Create a custom 404 page, and encourage people to find it

This is one requires a bit of elbow grease, but if one of your visitors runs into a 404 error, you don’t want the page they see to be the default, trust me. There are helpful tutorials on how to do this, and creating a page that is funny and informative is the best way to handle these kinds of errors.

50. Invite experts to review your posts and comment on them 

They may not come, but if you create posts inviting experts in your field or niche to come and comment on your blog, you may just attract a few, and with them, a lot of new followers.

51. Create an audio post

Something I like to refer to as a “noisy blog.” Doing an audio post just requires a recording device of some kind and your willingness to say out loud what you would normally write.

Doing this enables you to get a new post up quickly and offers some variety.

Audio Blog Post

52. Showcase interesting and useful people to follow

Support the community within your niche and feature other bloggers and maybe some of your followers who have blogs.

This kind of networking benefits everyone involved.

53. Post links to new and exciting technological breakthroughs

In addition to current events, posting links to exciting new breakthroughs is really fun because you get to weigh in with your opinion, and enrich the reader’s life with exciting news about the next gadget or mainstream device.

54. Rant and rave about something that drives you nuts

We all have those things that “grind our gears” so why not let off a little steam is an enraged post that goes for almost 1,000 words about something small and insignificant that drives you up a wall.

55. Create your own bucket list

A bucket list contains all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” as it were. Put one together and post it. Every time you cross something off the list, post again and tell us how it went.

56. Explain your blogging origin story

So why did you get into blogging? Did something inspire you? Was it our inspiring article on why you should start a blog today? Tell the world and they will love you more for it. People like to know all they can about the people they follow, so let the information flow.

57. Show off your most successful social media posts

Did post a tweet that had a thousand views? Was there a Facebook post you did that made the world implode? Feature it on your blog, that way you can bring those people right into your perfect trap of excellent writing.

58. Host a live event on your blog

People love to be a part of history, so put together a live blogging event or a video stream and advertise it well in advance. This way people can jump on and tune in.

59. Write a scathing review for something that doesn’t need one

This falls into the category of doing something just because it’s funny. Try writing a horrible review for something that everyone knows is bad.

You could review the common cold for example, or review a gallon of milk that expired six months ago. Take it seriously and it will be all the more hilarious as a result.

60. Enable Gravatar images in your comments

This puts power in the hands of your followers and allows for even more hilarity to ensue. Not to mention it lets your followers showcase their name and profile on your blog so you can connect with them easier.

61. Learn something new and share it with your followers

Have you ever replaced the heat sink over a processor in a custom built PC? Well, why not learn how to do it, and then share the process with your followers. Find something in your niche that needs a step-by-step guide and learn how to do it yourself.

62. Film a video post

Like the noisy blog I mentioned earlier, this is a great way to mix things up, and it allows you to show off that gorgeous mug of yours. See, everybody wins!

63. Post completely useless facts

There are some things that people just really don’t need to know. For example, did you know that it’s impossible to hum while holding your nose shut?

Go ahead and try, I did. This is one of those tempting things to blog about, so give in and do it.

64. Publish your art

I don’t care if it’s a finger painting or a red dot, everything is considered art nowadays. Post it on your blog and talk about what it means. If you have a deep meaning behind your red dot, that’s what makes it art.

65. Share your income and traffic numbers with your followers

Full disclosure is the best idea when starting your own blog. You don’t have to give out your password, but if you keep followers updated with your income and traffic numbers, they will be able to see how they can help improve it, and help give you feedback.

66. Write about common misconceptions in your niche

People always make assumptions, which lead to misconceptions. Blog about the kinds of things people say and think about your niche and prove them wrong. The community will thank you for it.

67. Showcase a small business, artist, or writer

If you have a lot of followers, help out someone who is just starting out by showcasing their work on your blog. It’s free content, and they get the exposure they need. Everyone wins.

68. Write about what you would do with a Time Machine

This is another one that can change as your perception of the world does, but why not start a series of posts where you talk about what you would do with access to a time machine.

Would you right the wrongs of history, or just go back and see what came first: The chicken or the egg? Tell us in a post or better yet, a series of them.

69. Respond to another blogger’s post or idea

Go out and read other blog posts in your niche. Find one that you love, or maybe one you hate, and post your own response to it. You may even get a shout out from the other blogger in the future.

70. Describe your dream girl/guy

Well I’m looking at mine right now, but she doesn’t know I’m writing about her. Whether you’ve found your soul mate or you’re still searching, why not describe them for the world, maybe he/she is already a follower?

71. Solve a problem

Whether it’s the issue of opening a jar when someone closed it too tight, or ending world hunger, find a problem and solve it. When you’ve figured out the solution, post it on your blog. Helpful posts are always welcome.

72. Argue both sides of a topic in one post

People may think you’re certifiable, but this is a fun way to go a little nuts. Find a topic and argue with yourself in a single post. Really get into it too, don’t hold back just because you know the author.

73. Reveal little known facts about a well-known subject

Find something that is commonly recognized and switch things up by revealing a secret about it that most people wouldn’t know. This new spin on an old subject works wonders for creating an engaging blog post.

74. Write a “time capsule” post to your future self

This is a fun one, why not write a message to yourself in the future. Maybe offer some advice, throw out a few reminders, and have fun with it. It’s not going anywhere so you can see it again in a few years. On the flip side, you can do this, but write a letter to your past self.

75. Profile your favorite company or brand

This can be done with a big company or a small one, but try and put together an entire profile of a company and see how much you learn in your search. Showcase the highs and lows, and really dig deep to make this a truly interesting post.

76. Post shocking conversation logs

You wouldn’t believe some of the things people will say when they’re on a chat. It’s like all social norms just go out the window. Find some of these crazy conversations and post them on your blog for a few laughs and an opportunity to throw in your opinion.

77. Offer advice for tough situations

Whether it’s fights with your significant other, or how to best handle a nasty love triangle, why not share your tips for handling the situations people find themselves in? Everything from a broken down car to a bad living situation, you can offer your wisdom.

City Building

78. Have your significant other write posts as well

When starting a blog, you could always bring your other half into the equation and make it a joint effort. This way you can also get a different perspective on some topics as well.

79. Publish an E-book and promote it on your blog

Your blog is a great marketing tool, so make sure you use it! You can generate a lot of buzz by writing an E-book and publishing it online for free. Then you can promote it via your blog and generate downloads plus followers all in one fell swoop.

80. Examine the origins of a major corporation or company

This is a more focused concept than previously mentioned, but you can trace the roots of just about anything back to where it started and in a lot of cases, the origin story is quite fascinating. The legwork isn’t too hard on your part, and your followers will appreciate the research you did.

81. Create a list of your favorite things

It could be anything from your favorite foods, to your favorite movie, throw it all in a list and it makes for a great post. Your followers will love the extra information and that serves to strengthen your bond with them.

82. Write about hypothetical scenarios

Make up something crazy like an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse and then write it out. Tell everyone what you would say, do, and be willing to sacrifice in that scenario. This can be really fun for a writing blog, or anything else really.

For business, you could speculate what would happen in a crisis situation and talk about how to handle it. Creativity and knowledge is key here to make this convincing.

83. Create alternate history, show what could have happened

When you start blogging, it can be daunting to get that first wave of content out there, but don’t fret. Why not try an alternate history post? Take something like WWII and write about what would happen if, say, Japan won the war? You could talk about how different the world would be. This is something that history buffs go crazy for.

84. Offer dog training tips

If you’ve raised a few animals of your, people are always looking for help training their pets, dogs specifically, and you could offer your expertise. Free advice is always popular when it comes to online blogging.

85. Examine human behavior in specific situations

This is one for the psychologists out there. Take scenarios such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or other disasters and examine how people behaved in those scenarios. Check out third world countries and see what people will do to survive. Understanding the way that people react is a great method of handling situations like that, and a fascinating topic in general.

86. Review your favorite things

After you’ve listed your favorite things like my suggestion above, you can create some specific posts where you examine those things you love so much and tell everyone why they made the cut.

87. Examine different types of addictions

People can become addicted to all kinds of things, so why not talk about the psychology behind it, and warn people of the signs so they can stop themselves from falling too deep into that hole. Informative and useful.

88. Showcase medical research and potential cures for major diseases

We’re all looking for the cure to cancer, and while it may not be here yet, you can keep people updated on medical breakthroughs for various diseases. This is a subject many people want to stay up to date on. You can be the one to keep them in the loop.

89. Create posts about ancestors in your family tree

Research your ancestry and write about all the people that came before you in your family tree. Maybe you’re related to a general or a war hero, you never know. You can find out, and tell everyone the story.

90. Point out ridiculous laws in the world

Somewhere there’s a law where you can’t stare at a moose from an airplane window, not even kidding. Write up some blog posts about these weird and oddball laws from around the world, this could take up quite a few posts actually.

91. List stereotypes that need to go away

Stereotypes can sometimes turn out to be true, but some of them are just plain dated. Point out the old ones and start them on the track to obscurity.

92. Feature humanity’s greatest mistakes

We’re not perfect, not at all. Put together some posts about horrible decisions we have made as a species and talk about the effects they had on the people around us, and the world. Hopefully we won’t repeat these in the future.

93. Offer relationship advice

If you’ve been through a few rough relationships, you know what works, and what doesn’t. Share you knowledge for those who need help. This is an always popular subject.

94. Give tips for talking to your crush

Breaking the ice can be tough, so post some ideas about striking up a conversation with someone else that has struck your fancy. It can be nerve wracking and some people just don’t bother starting the conversation at all. Show them how to make it happen so they don’t have regrets.

95. Showcase the benefits of aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy is a massive industry, and scented candles fall right in the middle of it. Create posts about how these scents and recipes help us relax and unwind.

96. Describe your worst mistakes and what you learned from them

Choose some of the major pitfalls in your life and talk about what you learned. By doing this, you can help other people (hopefully) avoid the same mistakes.

97. Create lists of must-see art galleries and museums

There are many museums and places of art around the world, but some truly stand apart. Create a list of them for your blog and give travelers the advice they need to make the most of their time abroad.

98. Write about haunted locations around the world

Nothing like a good ghost story to get the blood flowing. Create a list of the most haunted locations in the world for your readers to get them excited, then dare them to go visit.

99. Try to deduce the meaning of life

You could have an entire blog about this, but really sit down and try to figure out the ultimate question. You’ll come up with some profound stuff for your blog and your followers may just find themselves enlightened as well. As far as post topics go, this one is good.

100. Create an ongoing mystery, have your followers decide where the story goes

This is a cool way to turn your blog into an interactive story. Have your followers vote or comment on where they want the next post to lead and make an interactive mystery out of it.

101. Write a post series in which every section is done by a different author

You could take one of these ideas or make your own and run a series where you right the first post and each subsequent one is written by a guest author. This will create a winding road of perspectives and really stand out amongst other blogs.

Beach City

102. Publish your opinions on hot button topics

Find something that people feel very passionate about and proudly place your input into the mix.

There’s a difference between this and stirring the pot though, in this instance, you’re firmly rooting yourself on one side, or the other for the sake of proving your side’s superior nature.

103. Write everything there is to know about your favorite animal

Pick your favorite animal or animals and create posts where you describe everything there is to know about them. This is both fun for you and extremely educational for your followers.

104. Describe your dream house

It doesn’t have to make sense, but you can write about the perfect house and put in everything from hover boards to an automated system voiced by Pierce Brosnan. Make it creative and funny, or you can pick out a real life house and start saving your pennies.

105. Journal your experience with a major life event

Whether you’re recovering from a disease or you are experiencing a pregnancy, an ongoing series of posts about the situation and how you’re handling it is a great way to keep content coming, and receiving support from your followers.

106. Write about your favorite songs

If you like the lyrics, talk about that, if the band’s hairstyles are your favorite aspect that’s fine too. Talk about what makes these songs your favorite and really examine the emotional effect that the music has on you for maximum effect.

107. Feature massive collections of various things

Scour the web or your own home if you’d like and find collections that are just too large to be true. Stickers, toys, movies, you name it, some people really go crazy collecting these things.

108. Roast your favorite celebrities

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity roast, you know they can be hilarious and cruel all at once. Take your favorite celebrity and imagine you’re on stage roasting them and let the hilarity ensue.

109. Showcase cultures that do things differently than you

There are other cultures around the world that we may find odd, but it would be interesting to see an actual examination of them and their practices. This is one of those good blog topics that I haven’t see used very much.

110. Reveal your biggest fears

Don’t tell anyone where you live, because they might come play a prank on you, but revealing your deepest fears can be vindicating and exciting for your followers to read.

111. Describe your favorite memories from your childhood

It’s hard to remember some of our early years, but we all have those great childhood memories. Tell your stories in a series of posts that will make your followers feel closer to you.

112. Post funny pictures of your pets

I have two dogs and let me tell you, they can be ridiculous and hilarious at times. Catch them on camera or film them and upload these to your blog for instant success.

113. Create your own superhero or villain

It doesn’t have to be too serious, but come up with a superhero or villain and write out their whole story in a blog post. Maybe have an ongoing series with them if your followers like the idea.

114. Speculate on the mysteries of the universe

There are things like dark matter and aliens that we don’t know everything about. Why not try and come up with your own theories about what’s out there. These aren’t conspiracy theories, more like opportunities to fill in the cracks that science has yet to fill.

115. Dare your followers to do something crazy (within reason)

Depending on your niche, you can dare your followers to do something crazy or funny within reason and have them send you the results. This can make for some great posts.

116. Pretend you’ve gone insane, see how long you can keep it up

One day just pretend that you’ve snapped and start writing insane blog posts. See what happens when your followers think you’ve lost your mind.

117. Create an urban myth

From scary stories to Slenderman, a lot of urban myths still survive to this day. Why not create one of your own and spread the word of it to see if it catches on.

118. Spread rumors, even if they’re not real

Make up a rumor just for the sake of doing it and try to spread it amongst your followers and beyond. Don’t attack someone’s character, but maybe challenge an accepted norm and see how far the charade will go.

119. Start a blogging war

This may not fall into the category of good blog topics, but you could respond to another blog’s post and take the opposite stance, thereby instigating a blog war. You could also work out a fake attack on each other in the background and see how the followers react to your flying insults.

120. Create posts about your pet peeves

Watch out for people who will use this against you, but you could always write about the things that make your fists clench involuntarily.

121. Showcase the most ridiculous phobias

There are fears out there that, while real, are ridiculous. Point out some of them in a post or several and make the fear of peanut butter being stuck to the roof of your mouth (Arachibutyrophobia) known to the world

122. Write posts from other perspectives

Pretend that you’re a rock, or a dog, maybe even a microwave and write posts from that perspective. This is great for flexing the old imagination and makes for some hilarious moments.

Blogging Ideas

123. Describe the weirdest thoughts you’ve ever had

Our minds tend to have odd moments, so when you have one write it down and create a post about it.

You can pick out one of the strange thoughts that seemed to leap into your head and it makes for great material.

124. Invent your own product, share your idea

Don’t give away too many details before you patent it, but this is a good way to get feedback on an invention or product concept.

125. Criticize things that cannot be changed

Do you hate that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west? What about the fact that winter comes after fall? Try complaining about it even if you can’t change anything. It makes for a fun post.

126. Write a series of posts where you take everything literally

Try taking every figure of speech and idiom at face value and write about it in your post. This can result in some truly hilarious situations. For example, how can you do something every now, and again?

127. Try writing a post in an entirely different voice and tone than usual

In the spirit of changing things around to keep your followers on their toes, why not try changing up your tone and voice out of the blue for a post or two? You could even rhyme like I just did.

128. Chronicle your favorite plot twists

This requires a big spoiler warning, but you could point out some truly great twists in movies, books, and video games that could last for several posts.

129. Promote a cause that you feel passionate about

If you have something like a charity or a cause that you want to help promote and raise money for, blog about it and help raise money for the cause. Just make sure you have a way to show that the money is going to the right place since people will want to ensure they are donating to the cause.

130. Highlight your most insignificant accomplishments

Instead of bragging about major successes, post about all of the little things you accomplished each day. For example: “I got out of bed,” which is hard, so let the world know you’re stronger than that.

131. Describe how something extremely complex works

I don’t know how a microphone works. I can make it record my voice, but I don’t know how it does that. Try breaking down electronics and appliances into their individual parts and explaining how they do what they do.

132. Predict the future, back up your claims

Do some research and really try to predict what’s going to happen either in your life, or the world, and publish your predictions. See how close you were, or how far off you can be as time goes on.

133. Post clever “life hacks”

These are fun things that make your life easier. For example, if you place a wooden spoon across a pot of boiling water, it will never boil over. These make for great topics and there’s a lot of them out there.

134. Write about things you like that other people hate 

Everyone’s got an opinion, but there are some things that people really like that others truly hate. Find out which ones fall into your field of interest and defend the honor of it in your blog posts.

135. Take a picture of your computer desk as it is, then explain it 

Your desk may have a wallet, empty soda cans, a microphone and some bills on it but snap a shot and upload it with an explanation of why all of that stuff is on your computer desk. Make it a weekly thing and never clean your desk for maximum results.

Blog Ideas with a Coffee

136. Write about the last time you cried

If we cried about something, it had to be emotional. Recall the last time you shed tears and write about why you felt so strongly in that moment.

Emotionally charged writing is the best kind.

137. Post about people or things you wish you could switch places with

Maybe you want to be your dog for a day? You could write about taking a celebrity’s life for a week. This has a lot of possibilities to it.

138. Showcase your receipt from your last grocery store trip

Cross out the sensitive info and post a picture of your grocery store trip to show what kind of foods you tend to eat and how much you spend for you other people in your life. This could start a discussion about how to cut down on extra costs as well.

139. Write about the things you would change about the world if you could

There’s a lot wrong with the world, but what would you change if you could change anything? Tell us how you would do it and maybe someone with power will stumble across your blog and make it happen.

140. Transcribe a conversation where your grandmother describes the current generation 

You could set up a blog around this alone. Try asking Grandma to describe Facebook to you, or what a smartphone is and record her answers. I imagine they would be pretty funny.

141. Describe the world to someone who has been in a coma for 100 years

This is a good post prompt. Limit yourself to 800 words and try to describe everything that someone who has been in a coma for 100 years has missed. Good luck.

142. Answer a fundamental question in your own words

Take a really complicated question about life or evolution, or something very fundamental and scientific and answer it without the help of a textbook or fancy wording.

143. Write about illusions that we cling onto

We always imagine that things like money and power are worth something, but they’re all illusions that we’ve given value. Why not tackle some of these fickle things and see how we cling so desperately to them.

144. Create a presidential campaign, describe your platform 

Politics can be a tricky thing, but if you were to run for president, what would you fight for? Would you run as a republican, a democrat, or independent? Put your campaign together and see what your followers think of it.

145. Post a challenge and accompanying photos of your progress

Challenge yourself to grow a beard, lose weight, something that you can measure, and do daily posts with photos to show your progress. These are inspiring to a lot of people and it makes for great content on your blog to boot.

146. Describe how something we use every day is made

It’s amazing that they get all those potato chips to taste the same, but how are they made? Put together posts of common things we use and eat and talk about the process behind their production.

147. Create writing prompts for your guest bloggers or followers

You can post ideas like these on your blog and ask followers or guest writers to submit their ideas on them to you for some great content that you know is fitting for your niche.

148. Post a journal of your nightly dreams and nightmares 

Dream journals aren’t done very often, but it’s always interesting to hear what people dream about. Put together your own posts where you talk about what you saw and did in your dreams and maybe you can piece together what’s all those dreams mean.

149. Create a weekly/bi-weekly newsletter

Throwing together a newsletter of various sub-sections is a great way to keep steady content coming to your blog.

150. Show Off Unique Tools 

Did you notice that fancy image up there where I showed you the results of that Google search? That’s a new tool I discovered called Recordit. It’s a tool that let’s you capture your own recorded screenshots. Did I mention it’s free? Find tools like these and showcase them in a post to your followers!

151. Share Tips For Increasing Efficiency 

We all want to know how to write better, faster, and stronger. There’s plenty of ways to increase your concentration or keep your energy levels up while working. I for one like to use the Pomodoro method because it keeps me energized and focused.

152. Ask Yourself “Why?” Post the Answer

This may cause an existential breakdown on your part, but man, that would make for a sweet post. Ask yourself the big question in life: “Why?” It could be specific, like “why do you blog?” or “why did you pick this topic?” Or, if you’re feeling particularly profound, it can answer a much larger question about you, yourself, or the world we live in.

153. Do a Holiday Post 

There’s honestly a holiday for everything. Why not try to keep track of as many as you can? When you go to write a post, see if it just so happens to be “National Popcorn Day” or something like that, and do a post around the purpose and potential history of that day? Mainstream holidays work too, but finding the obscure or historical ones make this even more fun.

154. Do a Behind the Scenes Post 

Ever wonder what goes on in the daily life of Matt Banner? Well, too bad, I like my secrecy. Just kidding, maybe I’ll try this myself one day, but if you have a large following of fans, why give them a sneak peek into your life outside of blogging?

155. Do an Expert Roundup 

I actually posted an expert roundup of my own recently with great results. All you need to do is find a question that people are asking in your niche, and ask other key people in your sphere what they think is the answer. Compile their answers, along with your own, for an action-packed post!

156. Is a Picture Truly Worth a Thousand Words? 

Take a photo that you took, or one that speaks to you. Write about it, and see if you can make the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” happen in real life.

157. What’s the Weirdest/Funniest Thing You’ve Seen or Heard This Week?

You could make this a weekly trend if you’d like. Say each Thursday you post the funniest or weirdest thing you saw or heard that week. It can be a quote, a video, something you said or heard, anything you want!

158. Debate in The Comments 

If you’re particularly passionate about something, try writing a post where you set some ground rules and state your opinions. Then, tell people you’ll be monitoring the comments and debating your stance with them. Keep things respectful and honest, and you could really start a fire here.

159. Post Comic Strips 

This one requires artistic talent, so it’s off the table for me, but maybe you could do it! If there’s something in your niche that you want to poke fun at, try your hand at a satirical cartoon or comic strip and post it on your blog to see what your readers think!

I hope you got a few ideas for your blog from this long and comprehensive list. If you have any questions or anything else to say about the topic please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear them.


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