Mobile applications are already an inherent part of our daily life. The average activity includes basic social networking elements, as well as taking photos, watching videos, streaming music and playing video games. Yes, the mobile phone has apart from communication also become a very powerful device for gaming, and game applications are the most popular apps on the App Store, according to any common standard rates.

Due to the growing popularity of these apps, Apple (and Google) has created an ecosystem that allows software developers to create applications that will work on multiple devices at a global level.

There are now over 1,300,000 apps on the iOS App Store, with the top-grossing games to offer free + in-app purchases, selling virtual goods and upgrades to improve a gamer’s performance and overall experience. 

The total revenue of top 200 iOS gaming apps has reached a staggering $9,001,403 collectively, with Clash of Clans taking the first place with a total revenue of $1,415,090, followed by Candy Crush Saga with $989,307 in earnings. The third spot goes to Game of War-Fire Age which makes revenue of $844,334 while the fourth is taken by the Farm Heroes Saga with $343,352 overall.

Take a look at the full results in the infographic below. What do you think? 



Infographic is courtesy of Top Apps and designed by Blueberry labs

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