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Vomercy Over Ear Headphones iPhone 7 Review


Are you looking for a pair of durable and highly convenient earphones? While the brand may not be as known as compared to other bigger models, Vomercy is a perfect choice. As an over ear headphones, it comes with a rather simple design, but with multi-functionality which can allow you to enjoy great music, while making hand-free phone calls, great for your everyday life. It is also equipped by special ear buds which are designed for small ears. They are also fit for your individual ear canals, extremely light in weight, and magnetic in form, which is great for outdoors use.

Most importantly, it is also highly compatible for use with the iPhone 7 model, allowing you to enjoy the best there is in the sound department. However, as there are a lot of choices that are currently available in the market these days, making a good decision is often a difficult task. In order to make a well-informed decision, it is best to look closer into the features of this headphones and see whether or not it is the model that you are looking for. 

Technical Details and Features 

Here are some of the technical details and features of the Vomercy Over Ear Headphones:

  • Magnetic Attraction – This capability of magnetic attraction is the one that is responsible for hanging around your neck easily, and for portable gathering as well. This model is ergonomically designed and equipped with soft-gel, offering comfort while wearing.
  • Passive Noise Cancelling Features – What makes other cheaper headphones low in quality is that they are not able to reduce, if not remove completely,  noise from the outside. This is different with Vomercy Over Ear Headphones. This model comes with soft gel ear buds that takes charge in isolating most noise coming from the outside surroundings. As a result, you can expect nothing but pure music indulgence. Its high end quality also delivers crystal clear, dynamic, and pure sound.
  • In-Line Control – This headphones’ slidable volume button for control makes it a whole lot easier to adjust the volume using perfect fingers feeling. It also has a multi-function button that can be used for answer/hang-up incoming callsand pause/play of music. All you have to do is to click two or three times in order to control the tracks. While the playback control is compatible only with iOS devices, as well as some Android devices, it can still work as a normal headphone that can be used to listen to MP3 player music from smart phones, as well as other media devices.
  • Enhanced Built-In Microphone – This enhanced microphone quality collects the sound of voice in an effective way, clearly transmitting between the caller and the receiver.


Positive Highlights of Vomercy Over Ear Headphones

      • This wireless Bluetooth headphones comes with an active noise cancelling technology which is prefect for enjoying stereo sound and music, leaving you feeling amazed with the entire experience.
      • Its advanced Bluetooth and NFC technologies are great for smooth and quick connection to your devices, such as iPhone 7, and other Android devices.
      • No need to worry when the battery dies out. The unit also comes equipped with an audio cable that can be used for wired connection in case of need. This makes it more exciting and convenient.
      • This over ear headphones comes with super large size, as well as softer sides, making it possible for a more comfortable wearing experience. You can expect that there is no pain while wearing this on, even after a long time of use.
      • Its stereo headphones are also equipped with an adjustable headband which can be adjusted easily to conveniently fit any head size.

Some Drawbacks 

As with other headphone models, the Vomercy Over Ear Headphones also comes with some drawbacks. For instance, some users reported that while the noise cancellation feature works on this unit, it may not work perfectly when the aux cord is plugged to the headphones. However, this may only be due to a defective unit received. Also, while it has the capacity to block out outside noise, the sound from inside may bleed out immensely, allowing other people around you to hear everything.

Bottom Line

All in all, the Vomercy Over Ear Headphones is a very promising unit that you can buy. With fast Bluetooth connection, you can easily pair with your Bluetooth enabled device, and start listening to your favorite music. Everything else is also accessible using its button, including volume control, and track control. With its adjustable headband, you can also customize the fit depending on the size of your head. It also has amazing portability which means that you can easily place this headphones inside your laptop bag or backpack. A lot of positive reviews have been received about this product, which speaks a lot about its overall quality.


Author Bio: Anh Vu has worked in the IT field and sound technology industry for 5 years now. Today, he is a blogger who likes to educate his audience more about sound technology. Visit to to find the headphone that you need.

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