20 Coolest Things You Can Do With The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

If we’re talking about companies that have consistently lived up to their marketing promises, it’s impossible not to mention Apple Inc. Just one look at the latest Apple Watch and it becomes clear why this tech giant has garnered a worldwide following that few other companies can rival.

Have you ever forgotten to put your phone on silent and ended up embarrassing yourself in the middle of an important meeting? With an Apple Watch on your wrist, situations like this one will become a thing of the past because all you need to do to reject a call is cover the screen of the smartwatch with the palm of your hand.

Apple Watch also allows you to ditch your phone entirely and check your messages and emails on the go, shop online, and keep track of your fitness progress – to name but a few.

To find out what other cool things you can do with your Apple Watch, check out the infographic below by The Watchstrap.co.