Bitcoin: A Contemporary Way to Make Payments

While bitcoin has been around for nearly 10 years, it is still a relatively new phenomenon and its use in the retail industry has been somewhat slow. But one of the most frequently asked questions by folks who’ve just heard of bitcoin is,”Where can I use it? What can I buy with it?”

Online Shopping

While many online shoppers are used to making payments via fiat gateways,there are some online retailers that have moved along with the cryptocurrency tide. Although major retailers such as Amazon do not accept bitcoin payments, there are some workarounds that circumvent that.Meanwhile sites such as Overstock, Newegg and Gyft have integrated bitcoin into their payment systems.

Digital Purchases

The gaming community is likely one of the most demanding group of people out there.Since blockchain technology gained traction,some video game retailers jumped at the chance to attract its tech savvy community.You can now purchase video games in many sites and pay with bitcoin.Some good examples are microsoft, g2a and gamesplanet. You can also pay for your application subscriptions such as Tunnelbear and Namecheap by funding your accounts with bitcoin. With the value of bitcoin plummeting  in the recent past,most companies now use gateways such as bitpay to process payments in order to safeguard buyers and sellers from volatility.

Travel Services

Are you planning to go for a vacation or business trip? If so bitcoin might come in handy.You can book your flight through cheap air.An added advantage is that when you pay with bitcoin you don’t have to fill the address form thus saving time.If you are looking to purchase a specialized vacation package with tours,cruises, plus pay for it through bitcoin payment, Ships And Trips travel are ready to serve you. Another company, Expedia, is known for offering competitive rates when it comes to travel services plus they support booking hotels with bitcoin.

There is no denying that bitcoin as a mode of payment will improve over time. With many people getting wary of giving out their private information before transactions, bitcoin is surely in the forefront in terms of payments that offer anonymity. Despite the fluctuations and legal woes,the future of bitcoin as a payment method is getting brighter by the day.So the next time you purchase something, try out bitcoin.