Over recent releases, Apple events have become a bit more predictable than in the past; the price of working with so many manufacturers, I suppose. Nevertheless, their products still raise a great deal of public interest whenever they surface in the press, around the world. Surely, the next few quarters may be somewhat more challenging for the Cupertino giant, and the outright anticipation for the main event is something that cannot be duplicated. 

So when is this happening, you are asking? Well, according to the guys over at AllThingsD Apple will be holding a media event on September 10, to, reportedly, announce the next-gen iphone, dubbed iPhone 5S. There’s a good chance the company will also unveil a low-budget device, known as the iphone 5C. What else? Reports suggest that Haswell MacBook Pros may be announced by Apple, as well as official release of the company’s iOS 7, and a global roll out of the Mac OS X, known as Mavericks. Stay tuned for a lot more to come.


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Nir Shein

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