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Space Cube Computer Is Smaller Than Ever, Only 2-Inch Square

Minuscule computerization is considerded to be one of the hottest things around the world nowadays, with all the MIDs and UMPCs trend that takes over. Still, it seems there’s plenty of room for more developements to hit the streets, specially when we get the chance to see the Space Cube tiny PC that apparently was first introduced in Japan and making a debut in Europe, thanks to the guys at PC Pro magazine. The Space Cube features a 2-inch square computer, coming with a 300MHz NEC VR5701 processor and runs a Red Hat Linux OS. In addition, it houses 64MB of RAM, a Space Wire port, which is the standard connection in NASA and the European Space Agency, a 1GB Compact Flash card, and a series of USB/VGA-out/Ethernet ports, surrounding the cube. Regretfully, it is not going to be cheap, as the estimated $325 pricetag jumped to $2,740, which are around 1500 quids. Nevertheless, we do hope the official rate will be more reasonable.

[Via Slashdot]

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